Estate Planning


Estate Planning

Question: At the end of the day, who would you rather see inherit your estate – your family or Uncle Sam?

We all know that regardless of the size of your estate, Uncle Sam never gets everything.  We think it is safe to assume though that most of us want to make sure that most of our estate is passed on to our family members or charity of choice.  While estate preservation for family members is one of the most important reasons we have an estate plan, it is not the only one.  The list is too long to mention here.  Estate planning is very personal and individualistic and can be simple or complex.  It just depends on the situation.

At ValueWealth Services, we want to help you simplify the process.  We are here to work with or help assemble a team of specialists to formulate, expedite and review an estate plan to know that your wishes will be fulfilled once you are gone.