pure value


No hassle. No pressure. Just our comprehensive and unbiased advice.


pureValue is a comprehensive custodial investment advisory and financial consulting service for individuals, small businesses and non-profits seeking low cost, conflict-free investment advice.  We:

  • monitor the market and alert you when we see trends that require your attention in order to protect or improve your portfolio;
  • help identify the overall strengths and weaknesses of your investment plan and portfolio;
  • help you understand what it really costs to have your money managed;
  • monitor your investments and review each of your investments’ historic and recent performance with you and show you how well each investment is doing relative to other investments in the same category or classroom;
  • assist you in identifying other investment options available to you and their performance;
  • conduct your financial transactions while meeting or talking with you so that your investment decisions start working for you as soon as you make them.


pureValue program benefits include:

  • Accessibility to all forms of investments, including, but not limited to:  stocks; bonds; mutual funds; ETF’s; closed-end funds 
  • Safeguarded custodied investments
  • Award winning platform
  • Conflict free recommendations
  • Conflict free processing of your trades
  • Seasoned advisors available to discuss your portfolio
  • Three to four detailed portfolio mappings per year
  • Ongoing email contact with alerts, recommendation(s), reports and updates
  • Low cost (relative to “Wall Street” managed money rates)
  • Free checking
  • No hidden costs
  • No annual account maintenance fees
  • One low flat trading cost per transaction
  • Free powerful research and analytical tools
  • Free real-time data
  • Free calculators
  • Free educational tools

Our three step process is simple and confidential.

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