Retirement Plan Services


Retirement Plan Services

ValueWealth Services (VWS) knows that for many of us, retirement is just around the corner.  Corporate America should do everything within its power to assist its workers toward a successful retirement.

VWS believes that having the right plan, on-going education and follow-up are three integral components of success in achieving this goal.

How do you really know if your plan is on the right path?  Do you know all the questions to ask?  VWS is ready to partner with you to make these determinations.

Whether your company has an existing plan or you are preparing to start one, we are available to provide you with a conflict free, unbiased analysis.

Our 2ndOpinion solution will identify your plan’s strengths and weaknesses.  We look at costs, both upfront and hidden.  We determine if the service you receive matches the cost you pay.  We determine if your plan has all the right stuff.

Below is a list of our services:

2ndOpinion on existing plans:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan cost analysis
  • Plan flexibility
  • Plan compliance
  • Plan investments
  • Plan administration



  • Employee workshops
    • How to Manage Your 401(k) Plan
    • Investments 101
    • Know the Score of the Game
    • Asset Allocation
    • Rule of 72
    • Economics and the Stock and Bond Markets
    • Understanding Risk Tolerance and How It Changes Throughout an Employee Life Cycle
    • Target Date Funds


Plan Design, Set-Up, Administration, Investment Advisory, and Consulting:

  • The Role of the Plan Sponsor
  • The Role of the Trustee
  • The Investment Advisor
  • The Consultant
  • Forming an Investment Committee
  • Reporting and Disclosure
  • Fiduciary Responsibility