2nd opinion


No hassle.  No pressure.  Just our comprehensive review of your portfolio.


2ndOpinion is an on-line, on-demand non-custodial investment advisory and financial consulting service for individuals, small businesses and non-profits who are seeking an unbiased, hassle free evaluation about their investments and/or direction of their overall financial plan.  We:

  • help identify the overall strengths and weaknesses of your investment plan, including, but not limited to, your stock and mutual funds portfolio, retirement accounts, 401K plans, thrift savings plans, 403(b), and IRAs;
  • help you understand what it really costs to have your money managed; and,
  • can even monitor your investments and review each of your investments’ historic and recent performance with you and show you how well each investment is doing relative to other investments in the same category or classroom.


Our three step process is simple and confidential.

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